What’s the best compliment you can give your brow stylist?

Hello beauties!

Thanks for jumping over to read this blog post. I just wanted to start by saying how much I have enjoyed my first few weeks in the new clinic. It’s such a stunning space and the perfect fit for the experience I wanted to bring to all my clients. I also wanted to thank those of you who have made appointments and been to see me already! I really thought that my first few days would have been a bit boring and it was the total opposite so thank you!

So lets get to the reason for this blog post.
What is the best compliment that you can give your brow stylist?
It not only says that you loved your experience and results but that you trust me with your nearest and dearest!
There’s perks for me too! I adore my clients so I know when they send someone to me I am more than likely going to adore them too.
Not only that but it builds a community vibe which I love!

I want to encourage and reward you all for your referrals so I’ve put together a referral program. Here are the details:

Each individual referral will earn you a percentage off!
1 referral = 10%
2 referrals = 20%
3 referrals = 30%
4 referrals = 40%
5 referrals = 50%!!!!

The discount can only be applied to one appointment, which could include multiple treatments (excludes product). It’s your choice when you use your discount so you can wait and work up to the 50% off. However, it will be capped at 50% and you will need to use your discount at your next appointment. Then you can start again! I hope that all makes sense and please don’t hesitate to get in touch via my socials or email with any questions. Looking forward to meeting all of your beautiful loved ones!

Chloe x

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