2020 feeling good vibes

I am feeling so good about 2020!

Last turn of the decade was my graduating year of high school ?? it’s been amazing ten years of growth and figuring out who I am and what I believe in. But the last two years have been the biggest lessons of all. I moved cities with a man I barely knew ?? and now we have 2 babies, a house and a life here on the Sunshine Coast! Not one second of that has been easy but It has also been fun, breathtaking, humbling, cathartic and all ‘round phenomenal.

If I thought I was passionate about women and us supporting one another before, becoming a mother has increased that 10 fold. Especially when I had my daughter. This world isn’t going to get any easier to live in and I truly believe in the power of women lifting one another up. Focusing on each other’s strengths rather than pointing out every flaw. Another woman’s beauty is not in the absence of your own. There’s no need to compete or compare. I really can’t wait to start work and provide you all with a safe, judgement and bullshit free zone to have your brows, lashes and all other maintenance done. If you’ve read this far thank you! ?? I know it’s probably daunting to book an appointment with the chick off Instagram that you’ve never met but I hope you do take that leap and trust me with your face because I’m so looking forward to meeting you!


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